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Friday, June 03, 2005

non-warblering wine trip

Well, Brain didn’t eat anything too weird on our recent trip to Michigan’s wine country, where we drank loads of tiny sips of wine and totally missed the Michigan warblering walk, which was the original intent of this outing.

In fact, over the course of three days and I’m guessing more than 50 different wines, we saw not a single warbler. We did however follow a beautiful SCARLET TANAGER into the woods at the Dunes Park where we proceeded to become so infested with ticks that I just found one on my work sweater yesterday which must have hitched a ride home with us in the car. It was the highlight of my entire work week- I secretly prayed, while outwardly appearing to be highly concerned, that the tick would bite the crap out of me, induce a mild case of Lyme disease and force me to take medical leave. Mmmmm…delicious medical leave. I could totally deal with lying around in bed lightly hallucinating for about two months. I wound up solemnly flushing the tick down the toilet while a co-worker looked on. Afterward, it was brought to my attention that the tick could have been put to much better use around the office. Oh well.

Anyway, we also saw a KILLDEER and its two chicks at this one vineyard- I was surprised the two fuzzy chicks were so far from their mom- not all massed together like geese or whatever. We also had a gorgeous MEADOWLARK with an electric yellow front stamped with its glossy black chevron. Loads of GOLDFINCHES, a GREATER FLYCATCHER (life bird for both of us) and a very curious TUFTED TITMOUSE whose beady-eyed retinas we permanently scarred.
BALTIMORE ORIOLES were around the hotel too. Mostly this trip was about wine, dune jumping and non-warblering.

I planted my community garden plot the other day- mostly spindly tomato plants and some pepper plants, plus one Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin seedling. This thing is supposed to produce a 200 pound pumpkin! Damn!

While I was planting my plot, which is right next to an alley, some crazy dude started driving his car back and forth in the alley and crashing into garbage cans and totaling his car for no apparent reason. Three girls stood at the head of the alley commenting on the insanity and warning any cars that were about to turn down the alley to “don’t fuckin’ go in there, yo!” By the time this guy’s road rage subsided, he had flattened a perfectly good refrigerator box and had pieces of scrap lumber jammed up in his grill, and some skinny adolescents were running around screaming, clearly enjoying the wreckage produced. That’s when I noticed this ancient Chinese lady gardener, whose garden plot is like a bunch of perfect rows of succulent lettuces and other fluffs, had crept up next to me to take in the scene. “Is cray-see,” she said. Actually, this kind of neighborhood summer mayhem doesn’t bother me any more- its just another thing to watch.


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