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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Special Birds

If you read Detta’s May 2 post, you’ll recall that we saw either some sort of thrush or a brown thrasher at the Montrose Magic Hedge. Here’s why we don’t know what it is. We spotted the bird running, roadrunner style, along the ground in a row of hedges to the West of the nature area – (these perhaps are the row of original “magic” hedges?) – the bird was colored that eye-catching kind of rufous orange, like a fox sparrow. Detta and I plunged into the shrubs, the bird ran off. I wanted to pursue, but Detta saw this creepy guy in the hedge. He had a blue track suit jacket or something on, and he had his hand up holding branches open in front of him and was …like, I don’t know… a tiny little flea in a dense forest of pubes. I don’t know. But I’ll agree with Detta that he was creepy. We left the hedge, but shortly afterward that creepy dude in the blue track suit came out of it also. “Hey Detta! That creepy dude is out of the hedge!” I explained that now that he was outside the hedge, we had to go back in and find that special bird.

Detta wasn’t buying my binary system-style argument. But she compromised by sitting in her car with me by the crab-apple trees across the street by Montrose harbor where taxi cab drivers throw out bread. She said we could sit there and watch until we saw another special bird. We didn’t see another special bird that day. But we will!


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